Samstag, 22. September 2012

The thought process behind the ocelote spot

How should a modern e-sports TV spot look like?

I've asked myself the same question. What do I need to do in order to sell my product, respect the athlete and at the same time help e-sports push into the right direction which is to appeal to a broader audience.

Take e-sports serious!
It really boils down to to this:

1. Make him look good! Display the e-sports athlete in such a way that you could switch him out and put an famous footballer in the spot instead. If that substitution works you have the foundation. Give the spot a mature look!

2. Take e-sports serious! We don't need another commercial that makes fun of e-sports! Show what e-sports is really all about: passion, emotions, glorious victories. Oh and please let him be authentic! Don't put him into a scenario he is clearly uncomfortable with.

3. Be subtle! Don't plaster your product all over the spot. Let the athlete speak for himself and gently connect him to the brand. I got sick of spots where the athlete had to say "I love using the xyz-mouse. It helps me to react faster!" - C'mon who's going to believe that? 

Make him look good!
Judging by the feedback we've recieved so far the TV spot for was a huge success.

I think a lot of companies from outside the industry really lack the inside knowledge. E-sports is a whole different market. If you try to come up with conventional marketing strategies you are bound to fail. Maybe it scares them off.

In order for e-sports to grow bigger we need to create stars and faces. Come up with new content every day and create stories around those you follow on stream. Only then we have the chance to evolve e-sports to the next level. We don't need a revolution: lots of professional structures have already been established. But lets try to work on the little things e.g. connotations:

Don't write "gamer" - write "athlete" instead.
Avoid the word "playing" - use "practise/training".

What we need are stars who shine so bright that the light can be seen outside the inner circle of our industry.

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